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Coil Winding Services Ireland

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Coil Winding Services Ireland Empty Coil Winding Services Ireland

Post by Rusty old Iron on Sun Nov 09 2014, 18:01

Hi All
I would like to introduce my business to you.
I used to wind ignition coils many years ago and I have been looking at the prices of getting coils wound and was a bit shocked to see the pieces being quoted !!!
I still have most of my equipment to wind coils (Douglas No. 6 automatic coil winders, vacuum tanks etc, etc)
I to am into stationary engines I have two Lister D, one that works for a living, a 1939 CS/3 gen set, a Lauson H2 oil test engine and a Lister TR2 that runs the household, several BSA gen sets and an unused Mag single cylinder.
I was thinking that €32 plus postage for a fixed coil would be a good price. These would be the likes of SR1, RS1 the ones wound directly on the iron core. Flywheel coils can be a pain as the coil former tends to collapse so would need a new former tube and for a piece of cardboard tube, this gets expensive. Rotating coils are more expensive as they are a pain in the bum to do!!!
My coils are wound with G2 wire and interleaved with craft transformer paper 2 thou thick and vacuum impregnated then coated with several coats of solvent varnish to give a good finish they are also serial numbered.
I will also be able to offer a re-magnetizing service soon as I am restoring my magnetizer that I hugely over engineered from the Lucas factory manual . This is a brute of a machine and has to be dismantled to be moved. This runs at 400-500 volts.
The draw back to all this is that I live in the west of Ireland, County Roscommon to be exact and payments must be in euros.
I hope I can help to keep our old iron running.
I have set up a facebook page:- Coil Winding Services Ireland, Where I have put up some pictures of my set up so far, much more to do yet !!!

Rusty old Iron
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Born to be wild

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