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My Lister D Sheep Shearing Set (warning - loads of pictures)

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My Lister D Sheep Shearing Set (warning - loads of pictures)

Post by 200TDi on Fri Nov 28 2014, 21:13

Shortly after the C3 (see other post) this Lister sheep shearing set came to join the garage fun. Like the C3 there doesn’t seem to be much compression but we will see after I re-lap the valves, more of a problem is that there is no spark and when measured with a digital multimeter he secondary coil seems to be open circuit............Last but not least in the problem list - the starting 'dog' is smashed, I assume someone didn’t get the starting handle out - I'm having trouble locating where to get a new one.

1999 Land Rover TD5 Discovery (previously 2x 1993 200TDi Discovery's and a 1965 Series 2a)
Coborn C3 - serial no 20127 - age thought to be around 1947/8.
Lister D Sheep Shearing Set - The D is Serial No 1/65855 (1951) so assume the s/set is the same age.
Petter A1 V/O 3hp@1500rpm - Serial 538215
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Re: My Lister D Sheep Shearing Set (warning - loads of pictures)

Post by stationary stu on Sun Nov 30 2014, 16:19

Good looking working machine, you keeping like this or painting it?
As for the parts you need everyone has an old D in the back of there shed so you should get sorted ok. There's someone just joined the forum that can overhaul your mag or you can get new points, coils on ebay. Put a wanted post on the forum I'm sure someone can help. Hope the valve clean up helps your compression but I think it might be the rings are sticking. Not a hard job to get the piston out and clean it up after a good soak in diesel for a few days.


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stationary stu
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