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Rusten size 7 class H

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Rusten size 7 class H Empty Rusten size 7 class H

Post by Rikus Botha on Sun Jun 02 2019, 18:43

Hallo All
Can anybody help me pls. I have inherited a lovely Ruston from my uncle who past on.
He was busy restoring it after he relocated it to his garden on the farm, from the river where it was driving a water pump for irrigation back in the 1960 s when his Dad bought the farm.
The project went very well until he wanted to start it. He discovered that the injector would not give a spray like it shoed or give a crack (like He called it).
Anyway he gave up and the injector went traveling true S.A. for help and it returned with the same problem.
The machine is very neat under a roof with a Lister for the compressor and all that's needed.
I told his children and grand children that I would start it on the farm before I move it to my farm 400km away.(I think this was a bad idea, but he worked so hard on it and none off he s children ever has seen it running. So I am going to try and do it out off respect for he s family.
Ok so this is what I have. A silver plate on the Ruston that reads: Size 7 Class H, No.148807 and a golden plate that reads: RUSTON and HORNSBY ltd, NO.B273,Plates 5/16 thick, water test 33 atmospheres 500 lbs. per square inch., working pressure 13 atmospheres 200 lbs. per square inch. Lincoln England. AND LAST :Date off test 9.1.28
Any help will be a big thank you. Regards Rikus

Rikus Botha

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Rusten size 7 class H Empty Re: Rusten size 7 class H

Post by Woodsman on Mon Jun 03 2019, 07:49

Hi Rickus and a warm welcome to the forum.

Please post some pictures when you are able - tutorial here:


scroll to the bottom for link to latest online tutorial.

The servimg server will automatically create an account with same id and password that you have here. Thereafter you can log directly to https://servimg.com/ and organise your pictures and folders if you wish.

It's a bit of a faff at first but persevere and you will get there. Best of luck with your project.

Regards Paul
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Rusten size 7 class H Empty Re: Rusten size 7 class H

Post by cranium on Mon Jun 03 2019, 15:58

If you are in RSA,  try and contact Andy Selfe who trained at CAV  in the UK  on these injectors and fuel pumps. He is in Western Cape and well known there for diesel expertise. I have made him aware of your problem.


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Born to be wild

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Rusten size 7 class H Empty Re: Rusten size 7 class H

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