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Brass plugs

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Brass plugs Empty Brass plugs

Post by Dave5404 on Tue Sep 27 2011, 18:51

needed some 1 1/4 bsp plugs for my Lee Howell pump. Local £14 each. From Collister and Glover £2.28. They're not as hefty as the originals were but they work and they do polish up nicely. Do lots of sizes and other brass fittings. Postage is a bit hefty at £7.50 but with all the plugs I just ordered it still came in at well under what two plugs would have come to locally.


Dave cheers
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Born to be wild

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Brass plugs Empty Re: Brass plugs

Post by stationary stu on Wed Sep 28 2011, 09:23

Thanks for sharing Dave, very handy site to know.


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