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Newbie has a go!

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Newbie has a go! Empty Newbie has a go!

Post by bigsja on Thu Oct 15 2015, 16:26

Well after 10 years of sitting unloved in a shed(the engine not me) my mNewbie has a go! <a href= Newbie has a go! P1010315" />ate Dave and I managed to bring the Petter m 3hp home and start a bit of a fiddle...the mag of course was shot but we sourced a good one on fleabay..but after a good clean out and a flush of the tar like fuel and new plug she refused to start..timing...done a search on the forums and found how to get the timing right...crossed fingers,swung her over and she burst into life...two old boys grinning like schoolkids!....the bug has bitten..found a corn mill and this afternoon corn was ground..so now its a bit of tinkering and a lick of paint and hopefully will be sitting in a field next year...just need two parts which we cannot find...the sight glass for the oil drip feed and the guard that covers the oil drive at the back of the mag,any body point us in the right direction? added some pics sorry if they arec a bit wonky.....
stewartNewbie has a go! <a href= Newbie has a go! P1010316" />

I really need to post more
I really need to post more

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Newbie has a go! Empty Re: Newbie has a go!

Post by StewartH on Mon Oct 19 2015, 09:09

Happy Days Squire - well done - I bet that grin lasted all weekend!

For your sight glass I have heard other pros using a Perspex or similar solution - and being extremely happy with it.

Perspex may not be right as it may react with oil/fuel making it cloudy - but I could be wrong (usually am as I have no expertise with Perspex...) but a similar solution could be easily bent to shape...or find a friendly glass blower/ glass worker/ craft person.. I am sure its on this forum somewhere but I cant find it - but will keep searching!

Keep the photos coming - great to see a Petter M up and running - definitely my favourite!


A credit to the forum
A credit to the forum

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