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New Pelapone 3438

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New Pelapone 3438 Empty New Pelapone 3438

Post by gnombicards on Wed May 08 2019, 11:06

Hello all

I'm researching the operations and equipment of the Piel & Walney Gravel Co Ltd of Walney Island, Barrow-in-Furness. They had an interesting railway system which closed in 1963, but at the moment I'm trying to find out a bit more about the generating set they used. The place is remote and still has no mains electricity. A visitor in 1954 recorded that the generator was driven by a 3-cylinder petrol-paraffin engine by the New Pelapone Engine Co of Wakefield, serial number 3438.

Do New Pelapone records exist? I wondered if anyone on the Forum might be able to comment on engine number 3438. Can a build date be suggested, and possibly an original owner? If supplied new it may have been invoiced to either Mr C.W.Hunter (deceased 1926) or Mr W.Hunter, who were the owner-managers over the period 1924-48 that (I believe) new Pelapone were in Wakefield.

Over the years, P&WG and its predecessors had been keen buyers of second-hand railway equipment, so it's quite possible that the Pelapone generating set was second-hand as well. The 1954 visitor recorded a brand-new Petter on the site, but whether this was intended to replace the Pelapone isn't clear.

With thanks and best regards
Peter Holmes
Ulverston, Cumbria


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New Pelapone 3438 Empty Re: New Pelapone 3438

Post by maryalice on Wed May 08 2019, 20:27


Contact Paul Evans at Internal Fire http://www.internalfire.com/ he has a vast amount of information on most makes of engines and has a straight six Pelapone and several small ones, allow time for a reply as this time of year he is very busy and gets loads of email requests.



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