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Girdlestone Pump

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Girdlestone Pump

Post by Robotstar5 on Sat Dec 08 2018, 22:35

Has anyone seen any Girdlestone pumps in use on the engine lines?, got this one a couple of years ago (bit of a story behind it).

Gpump02 by Robert Starr, on Flickr

Gpump01 by Robert Starr, on Flickr

A bit of research found it was made by a company from the 70's, taken over many years ago, but the present company did send me a bit of info that may help others.

Girdlestone Leaflet by Robert Starr, on Flickr

Girdlestone DataE by Robert Starr, on Flickr

I think it may be a candidate to be driven by my Petter A1.


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Born to be wild

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Re: Girdlestone Pump

Post by Woodsman on Sun Dec 09 2018, 12:23

Interesting piece of kit - not seen one before

Regards Paul
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