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wolseley wd8

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wolseley wd8 Empty wolseley wd8

Post by Neil21 on Sun Jan 28 2018, 04:13

Hi picked up a wolseley wd8 engine today got it home and had a good look round it to find rgw only part missing is the exhaust so not to bad, only thing is that it has no compression, the valves seam to be operating ok it turns over nice and freely no clonking or knocking.

does anyone know which way this engine rotates because if i turn it one way it turns quietly but if i turn it the other way there is a loud click every turn.

is there any common problems with these engines or is it a case of pulling it apart to investigate.

Thanks Neil.


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wolseley wd8 Empty Re: wolseley wd8

Post by Woodsman on Sun Feb 11 2018, 11:06

Hi Neil,

I'm guessing the click will be the magneto impulse coupling operating -
a springlike mechanical linkage between the engine and magneto drive shaft which "winds up" and "lets go" at the proper moment for spinning the magneto shaft. Once the engine is running the impulse stops operating and the ignition timing returns to the correct setting.

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Regards Paul
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