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Leaking JAP 2a

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Leaking JAP 2a Empty Leaking JAP 2a

Post by iangt on Sun Jan 15 2017, 11:42

I've nearly finished rebuilding a JAP 2a as my first go at getting an engine to run. It is all back together and ready to go. I filled he tank with petrol with no leaks. Then opened the fuel tap. All the joints and bolts around he pipes are sound with no leaks. However, there is a tiny hole in the float bowl of the carb where fuel is trickling out. It looks like it should be there as it is perfectly round.

What is it for? Don't want to risk a start with petrol flowing freely in the wrong places!

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Born to be wild

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Leaking JAP 2a Empty Re: Leaking JAP 2a

Post by Woodsman on Sun Jan 15 2017, 15:51

The hole is to allow the float chamber to breath.
Sounds like the float is stuck and not shutting off supply of petrol.

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