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Biggest engine in the shed....

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Biggest engine in the shed.... Empty Biggest engine in the shed....

Post by Villiers on Mon Jan 02 2017, 18:02

...Not really, probably the smallest one so far. EVER!

Stuart R3 genny set, on an abomination of a trolley, taking up far to much space with the wide wheels and "shin grabber" handle so time to do something about it.



First off, get it all apart and off the frame, this was simple enough, only real snag was the genny, the frame that sits over it is about 2mm too narrow so had to work it out bit like a chinese puzzle and with some lifting, twisting and fudging managed to get it out the side.


Haven't looked at the frame as yet in any detail but if it is a "home made" job then it's a very nicely made one, apart from the frame over the genny.


Engine on the bench and both flywheels off, not many engines in my shed I can lift with one hand!! First impressions are good, it is a good runner anyway so should need only cosmetics.



Plan was a clean and paint but as the fan brackets are held on by the cylinder studs I removed the head anyway just to check the piston.


Finished up stripping it to this stage in the end, well, once you start....

Has anyone got one of these? It's the drive coupling between the engine and genny, it's worn so has a bit of play in the holes, not that much of an issue but if they are available then be a good idea to replace it.

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