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Adjustment conical crankshaft bearings Kubota

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Adjustment conical crankshaft bearings Kubota

Post by Mark15 user on Fri Dec 23 2016, 11:05

Dear forum members,

I have a question regarding the adjustment of the conical crankshaft bearings (pos.12)of my Kubota.

According to the partslist there are gaskets needed in several thickness for the side cover. (pos.16-17, 57-58)

Most likely to create a distance between engine housing and side cover to create a certain play in the conical bearings.
However I'm not sure how I can measure the requiered play of 0,1-0,3mm.
The side cover has a very thight fit in the engine housing; this makes it a little bit difficult to remove the cover from the crankshaft housing.

Is this construction similar to other horizontal engines?
If so is there someone who has experience how to measure the play of conical bearings?
As always I'm open minded for your suggestions.

Best regards,

Steef Pronk

Mark15 user
Mark15 user
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A true Stationary engine owner

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