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Jimbob's Lister D - Restoration update.

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Jimbob's Lister D - Restoration update.

Post by Jimbob on Wed Dec 14 2016, 11:13

I went to the local motor factors and ordered a Champion D16 spark plug and a new coil but they won't be here until later today. For curiosity's sake I cleaned up the magneto points and gave the existing spark plug a squirt of contact cleaner and lo and behold I got the Lister up and running.
To Do list:
My mixture / regulator dial is very free moving and the engine vibration is enough to make it move. Missing/weak spring? Looks like my next job will be to take off the carburettor and investigate.
Get the engine mounted properly on a trolley. Current arrangement is not "Proper" and the existing bearers are in a poor state.


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Re: Jimbob's Lister D - Restoration update.

Post by tony RA on Thu Dec 15 2016, 23:11

Hi Jim you don/t need to remove the carburettor for that just put a blade under it to press the plunger down to override the stop and it will unscrew out then you can lift plunger out and free up or rusted / or broken spring Hope this may help Good Luck

tony RA
A true Stationary engine owner
A true Stationary engine owner

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