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BSA F15 ignition problems.

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BSA F15 ignition problems.  Empty BSA F15 ignition problems.

Post by Oliver Ward on Tue Aug 09 2016, 18:57

I currently have a sorry looking BSA F15 which isn't giving out a spark. It produces a high enough voltage to tingle your finger.I was going to try a new condenser but by the sounds of things if it had a dead condenser it wouldnt produce any voltage. However I've also noticed now that the flywheel magnets aren't as strong compared other engines I've worked on so I was wondering whether there is way to re-magnetise them. And if so would anyone be able to detail me on the process.

Cheers Oliver

Oliver Ward
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Born to be wild

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BSA F15 ignition problems.  Empty Re: BSA F15 ignition problems.

Post by Woodsman on Wed Aug 10 2016, 08:58

I wouldn't assume the condenser it duff until you have checked it. There are other threads on the matter but basically if you set your multimeter to ohms , isolated the condenser, and stick the leads across the the terminals it should show low resistance initially and then climb higher - you are actually charging the condenser using the meter's battery. I have come across the same scenario a couple of times and traced it back to a short circuit somewhere that was earthing either LT or HT to the body of the engine.

Regards Paul
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