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Has anyone seen parts or all of this Zwicky pump ?

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Has anyone seen parts or all of this Zwicky pump ?

Post by BOBC1940 on Thu Jul 21 2016, 23:50

I am looking for any info leading to the finding of parts or all of this Zwicky pump illustrated below.
In this configuration it was for Petrol, it could also be a mirror image of this (left to right) with one gauge as opposed to the three in the middle.
In that 1 gauge configuration it could also be for oil, with a 'sausage shaped' pot top left as opposed to the flat top petrol pump version.

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The far wall gauge has on it AM and a crown, the three gauges are George Kent London and say Petrol Meter or Oil Meter according to pump type.

Please PM me with any info leading to such parts please.




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