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Stuart Turner P55 Portable Genset

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Stuart Turner P55 Portable Genset

Post by harrone on Sat Apr 09 2016, 09:43

Here is a Stuart Turner P55 Portable Genset that I recently purchased from a fellow who brought it over when he emigrated from the UK.
He told me that it was originally used during the WW2 London Blitz and was later upgraded to generate 220/230 volts AC. I assume it was a 32volt generator originally.
The output sockets on the switch board are a bit of an issue for me in Australia but I'd prefer to see if I can find plugs to suit rather than modify the sockets. Keeping it authentic would be nice.
He assured me that it is a runner so I'm just looking at doing a cosmetic restoration of the transport trailer it is on, maybe put a roof over it as well. I'll need to get some wheel guards made up.

Has anyone seen one like this at the rallies in the UK?

Born to be wild
Born to be wild

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Re: Stuart Turner P55 Portable Genset

Post by Woodsman on Sat Apr 09 2016, 13:43

Just guessing but plugs might just be old school UK style. Still available here. If you can determine diameters and centres of pins then you might be lucky.


Regards Paul
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Re: Stuart Turner P55 Portable Genset

Post by Darryl Ovens on Fri Apr 15 2016, 22:17

They "look" like the "old school" "Reyrol" single phase industrial plugs we had in New Zealand back in the 60's and 70's.

Darryl Ovens

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Re: Stuart Turner P55 Portable Genset

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