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Another nice engine to restore - Wolseley Style 1 Engine No. 1993

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Another nice engine to restore - Wolseley Style 1 Engine No. 1993

Post by harrone on Fri Apr 08 2016, 02:31

Hi all,

I bought this one after seeing an add for it on Gumtree. It had been on the site for a week before I came across it, so I was surprised when I rang the seller and it was still available.
As far as the engine is concerned, it is totally complete. I'm told that there was shearing gear attached to the tank cast iron top but the fellow I bought it off said that this was long gone and he had it in his shed, as is, for 30 years. He bought it from a dairy farm in Northern NSW. He had to cross 7 creeks to get to the isolated farm where as I only had to drive 1300km to his property to pick it up. There's a fellow in Scotland who has a good site that shows all the different models of Wolseley engines. I think that the one I bought might mean he may need to alter some of the info.

My style 1 has a factory fitted rotary magneto, not a flick magneto. The engine head, the magneto and the magneto bracket all have the engine number stamped on them. Once I dismantle the engine and clean all the parts, I'll probably find the engine number on other parts as well.

The parts that were removed for the journey home were:
The original fuel tank with fuel level sight glass
The magneto
The brass carby and manifold
Exhaust manifold and baffle cylinder
Two flat belt pulleys
Vertical tension stay to hold down the water tank

Below are 4 photos of the engine before I picked it up and two more of it loaded on my truck.



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