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Painting a Lister D

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Painting a Lister D Empty Painting a Lister D

Post by greasemonkey on Sat Jul 11 2015, 13:43

I would be extremely grateful to anyone that could tell me the correct amount of paint to purchase for the painting of a Lister D type. I would like to do two coats of Mid Brunswick Green, but have no idea of how much to order. I'm assuming two coats is enough? I'm just unsure of the quantity to order. I'd rather have too much than not enough.

All suggestions greatly appreciated. Many thanks.



Graham Very Happy

I really need to post more
I really need to post more

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Painting a Lister D Empty paint a lister d

Post by kev on Sat Jul 18 2015, 13:08

Hi greasemonkey
If you are brush painting I did mine with 250ml that was two nice thin coats, a little goes a long way on metal but I had very little left for touch up. Whilst 500ml is a little much it's great for future touch ups and if poured into a container just big enough ie no air space it will keep for years


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