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Almost 100 years later we are back to the beginning

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Almost 100 years later we are back to the beginning

Post by Siemei on Wed May 06 2015, 06:41

Dear members,

Almost 100 years after the start of the farmers cooperation were our museum is based.
a sucsessor of the Original farmers cooperation started to use a gasturbine generator who uses biogas fuel.

At the start in 1916 a 280HP Dual piston gasengine was orderd who ran on gas ( pete, wood, biomass )
There is a picture of that gasengine and a final payment notice in the acountant register of 1918.
We do not know for sure wich make or model this engine was.
The engine powerd the machines in the factory by shafts and belts.

Crosley deliverd several gasengines during the first Worldwar to factorý's and powerplants in the Netherlands.
So i personaly think it could be a crosley engine

The engine was put out of service late 1920's due to new technology.
The reason was an electricity plant was built in the village and electricity driven machinary was easier to install and maintain.

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The picture is taken early 1918 and the Original engineroom still exsists today.

I really need to post more
I really need to post more

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