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Watermota k1

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Watermota k1

Post by Stinkyfish on Sat Apr 11 2015, 17:44

Hi all, can anyone please help with a cooling issue on my newly purchased Watermota k1 ?
It starts fine but it looks like the jacket is blocked solid with crud and won't pump water to cool the engine.
I can get water to the pump ok but nothing is coming out of the return to the coolant container.
I have no user manual on how to strip down the engine or remove the crud , so any info would be greatfully received.
Cheers, Andy


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Watermota K1 Coolant Problem

Post by David H on Sun May 08 2016, 17:33

Hi Andy

I wondered if you had got anywhere with your coolant problem yet?
The copper water jacket can be removed without stripping down too much else if you are careful.

Did you get a manual yet? I can photocopy the relevant pages and may be able to help with tips if you put up some photos.

What engine number does yours have?

Let us know how you are getting on.

David H

David H

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