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Ruggerini RF120

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Ruggerini RF120

Post by samc88 on Sat Dec 06 2014, 22:58

Right, I had a thread on here, but I forgot my username so had to reregister. This is an italian single cylinder diesel which I aquired from my Dads work. It was used to drive a fire pump on board the boat he worls on but was withdrawn from service.

Apologies for the blurred photo.

I need to get a set of stud extractors from machine mart as one of the Allen bolts holding the back plate in was seized solid and has rounded off (the bottom one). The other three came off with some gentle persuasion in the form of a large hammer, breaker bar and torch. Here is said plate before I started to try and remove it,

Since I have to wait for the extractors I decided to take the sump off to look at the bottom of the engine, due to the outside appearance of the engine /9rotten cowling and all) i wasn't expecting much but I was very pleased to find that it was all nice and clean inside.

Before anything else, I had a look at fetching the tank off which was a PITA as the bolts had siezed solid but with a liberal soaking of penetrating fluid they came undone with a bit of effort. One of the bolts which holds the tank backing plate to the barrel had sheared off flush though which will be drilled and tapped out to M8 again

Then I removed the barrel. The nuts came off the studs easily enough

The pushrods were also lifted out of the way, maiing sure they're marked which ones forward and aft, and then the tube they live in is lifted out the way

Then I took the piston and conrod assembly out

The bearings look good. There is a slight bit of endfloat in the crankshaft though and it seems to have a slight highspot somwhere along its rotation

I did try and remove the injector, but thats stubbornly resisting removal


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Re: Ruggerini RF120

Post by Woodsman on Sun Dec 07 2014, 10:05

Looks like a nice project. Never really got my head around diesels - despite having a diesel engined truck. Be happy that the company still operates so spares may not be such a problem. Good Luck and keep posting pictures.

Regards Paul
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Re: Ruggerini RF120

Post by samc88 on Mon Oct 26 2015, 17:43

right then more progress! Eventually got the block completely stripped down so am now on to reassembly.

first job was the rotary oil pump which is driven off the injection pump gear

the shaft end is D shaped so will only go one way into the oil pump one way

A view of the injector pump cam

Next up the followers i think they are called

Next up the little camshaft

there is a bit of tarnishing on the cam but should be fine

Camshaft in place and the governor mechanism in place

Next slide on the washer

next slide on the spacer

next the tiny key

And finally the cam gear whih has governor weight type things on the back of it, never seen this before

Also before the gear there is a circlip which stops the spacer coming too far on the shaft

Finally the gear can be put in place, this is a tight fit, i had to press it into place

Next I slid the crankshaft into place

Ensuring the timing marks were good

Wth that in place the piston could be installed. However i had to take it out as i didnt have the clearance for my piston ring compressor (I had to put the piston in the barrel first and then attach both at the same time.

Next up I refitted the pump

Finally I refitted the diesel pipe from pump to injector after refitting the head to the cylinder. (It was quite fiddly doing this and getting the pushrods to stay in the right place)

And thats where im up to at the minute, I need a new female banjo fitting, the old one had the pipe cracked which was letting air in which I suspect is what stopped it running. I also need to drill and tap the sheared bolt in the block which i can do after the cover plates have been put back into place.


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Re: Ruggerini RF120

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