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Freeing Seized nuts - stop sniggering at the back!

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Freeing Seized nuts - stop sniggering at the back!

Post by Woodsman on Sat Sep 13 2014, 08:54

I guess we've all come across Plus Gas - one of the best in my humble opinion. Others suggest WD40 but I believe that's more of a lubricant and water repellent than penetrating fluid (I said stop sniggering!)
However, keep you eyes open in your local German discounter (Aldi, Lidl) for Rust Dissolver by Pattex - it's actually made by Henkel.
I reckon it's just about as good as Plus Gas and dirt cheap so you can afford to be liberal.

Regards Paul
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Re: Freeing Seized nuts - stop sniggering at the back!

Post by StewartH on Tue Sep 16 2014, 15:13

Top Tip Paul - and great timing as I'm in the market for a large quantity...... (a rusty BEN compressor)


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