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Lister Auto Truck

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Lister Auto Truck Empty Lister Auto Truck

Post by Abes on Sun Jul 08 2012, 14:31

Right here's a question for those in the know with reference Lister Auto trucks, as some of you know i purchased one a little while back now with no knowledge of these things and having done a search via the internet and with no reply back through the Auto truck forum i thought i would try on here, what i need to know is what is the right sequence of events for stripping one of these down plus if possible some tips and hints to aid the job, for information its a petrol one powered by a Jap 600 side valve engine with pneumatic tyres, any and all help much appriciated

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Lister Auto Truck Empty Lister Auto Truck info

Post by harrone on Fri Apr 08 2016, 08:26

Hi Abes,

I have an original Lister Auto Truck sales brochure of all the models that were made. I can scan it if your interested?



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