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Copyright (important) Empty Copyright (important)

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 29 2010, 05:12

We have been slandered a bit claiming all we do is copy & paste and act like we are eductated on subjects by a member on another forum, he hasnt actually used our forum name and probably hasnt really grown any bollicks yet, but he is talking about us, we have had previous problems with him.

We have a couple of members that write regular engine information in there own words and share it with everyone,for everyone to enjoy, he is probely jealous he cant write the articles himself, the articles that are written on this forum are to the best of the posters knowledge, i have been informed of a couple of copyright issues before and the information has been deleted, but if you see any information you feel may be covered by the copyright act please inform me direct and it will be investigated, i dont blame the other forum for his comments as i would rather just keep the piece between the forums these days, we all have the same goals, but trying to give everyone information on engines can some times be difficult becuase of these copyright laws, so i ask we just be thankfull to the members that take the time to try and re write articles to avoid copyright law. We do are best on this forum, but no one is perfect. People like that member on the other forum keep talking, but there not actually saying anything.

Thanks for your time.

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